Notation Based on the Specific Commercial Transactions Act

Company Name
West Japan Marketing Communications Inc.
Yoshihiko Ito, President and CEO,
Business Manager
Hajime Tsujimoto
8th Floor, Dojima Avanza, 1-6-20 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0003
Telephone (Main)
+81-6-6344-5138 // FAX: +81-6-6344-7517
Service Description
A platform that matches interpreter guides with foreign visitors to Japan.
Timing of Product or Service Provision
The provision of products or services will take place on the date and at the location indicated on the purchase page of the respective product or service.
Sales Price
The displayed price of the respective product or services (including consumption tax).
Communication costs
The internet connection fee or other communication costs required to access our platform are the responsibility of the user. For details regarding these costs, users are advised to contact their internet service provider or mobile phone company.
Payment Methods
Credit card payment via (GMO Epsilon payment service).
Payment Deadline
Upon making a reservation, users will be promoted to register their credit card information, and the card payment will be automatically processed two weeks before the scheduled tour date. If the payment cannot be completed, the reservation will be canceled. For reservations made within two weeks before the tour date, the card payment will be processed at the time of reservation.
Cancellations made after the reservation has been confirmed will be subject to cancellation fees in accordance with our cancellation policy.
Refunds for services provided will not be granted for any reason after the service has been rendered.