About us

Gold-Guide is a matching platform to connect tour guides and
foreign visitors to Japan operated by JR West Japan Group.


Thoughts behind

Conveying the beauty and heritage of Japan to everyone around the globe.
Making Japan a people's favorite is our driving force behind this platform.
Gold-Guide platform will inspire travelers' interests and curiosity. We strive to provide first-class guide interpreters to enhance travelers' precious moments in Japan.
As the name "Gold guide" implies, our guide interpreters share the value of GOLD.
"Number One," "Precious," "Reliable," as with the real GOLD.

The "一番 / NUMBER ONE" Communicator, Experience, and Skill is the hallmark of the Gold guide.
Able to add various values to the traveler experience.
"Safety and reliability" is our Gold guide virtue; Professional Guide Interpreter who commits their pride to valuable GOLD.


Japan Experience

Our guides are strictly screened for licensed "National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter."
Meaning our Gold guides are not only knowledgeable about Japanese history and culture, but they're also an excellent communicator. Who must pass the strict examination officially organized by the Japan National Tourism Organization. The only national qualification for sight-seeing granted by the Japanese government.