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Hello, I am Fumi. I live in Kyoto and try to provide comfortable tours tailored to the travel style of clients. I do more than 200 tours annually in Western Japan. I have a passion for travel, both domestically and internationally. As a child, I had numerous opportunities to travel across various parts of Japan with family and my father's business partners. This allowed me to discover the joy of travelling to unfamiliar places, unknown local food, and chance encounters with new people. I am also interested in ancient Japanese culture. Influenced by my parents and aunt, who were Noh performers, I became interested in Noh and other traditional performing arts. In school, I had a keen interest in cross-cultural communication and felt the need to learn English. I passed English Proficiency Test Grade 1 with a high score and was invited to an award ceremony for outstanding achievement. Before becoming a guide, I worked as a teacher at a language school and as a training officer, but a friend working in the tourism industry invited me to work at international events for overseas guests, saying, 'you are suited to work in travel. I eventually qualified as a chief itinerary manager in 2003. Inspired by my aunt, who was an interpreter-guide in both English and French, I became a licensed interpreter-guide in 2014, making my professional debut a month later. Since 2015, I have been working primarily on luxury tours. Hobbies: exploring local cuisine, going to the gym, watching stage performances, and strolling through the city.

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